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  • Josh Medeiros, Owner


  • Jason Caldas, Owner


  • Emily Xavier, Head Coach

    Emily started playing soccer, softball, and basketball at a very young age, and continued to do so recreationally throughout her young adulthood. Then, after an extensive hiatus from sports and fitness during her college years, she began searching for the perfect type of training to get her back into shape. Emily discovered Crossfit in 2009 and instantly fell in love. She gravitated toward Crossfit for many reasons, but most of all, due to the comradery and mental toughness that it fosters. After training for 3 years as a Crossfit athlete, Emily decided to pursue her Level 1 certification in 2012, and has been coaching ever since. In the Summer of 2015 she decided to further her education, and earned her Level 2 certification.

    As a self-proclaimed “late bloomer” when it comes to athletics, Coach Emily has a passion for empowering athletes of all levels, through the teaching of proper functional movement.  Above all, she values dedication and humility, and firmly believes that every athlete has the potential to achieve their goals if they simply demonstrate passion and patience.


    • Crossfit Level 1
    • Crossfit Level 2
    • CrossFit Level 2 Coach, Crossfit East Providence
    • CrossFit Level 2 Coach, Crossfit Seekonk
    • Bootcamp Instructor, Backyard Burpees
    • Masters of Science in Public Health, Brown University, 2014
    • Assistant Coach, Providence Villains-North East Grid League
    • Director/Lead Coach, Crossfit Seekonk On-Ramp Program
    • Founder, Backyard Burpees Bootcamp


  • Phil Carroll, Coach

    From an early age I have always been involved in sports. Soccer was my sport of choice through high school. I also started weight training my Junior year of high school. Immediately following high school, I signed up with the US Navy and served 4 years’ active duty. My duties while in the Navy were providing IT systems support at the Naval War College in Newport RI. The physical demands of the job kept me in fairly good shape. Following my active duty, I began working as a government contractor providing IT Systems Engineering services.

    Majority of my life I utilized bodybuilding style of weight training. Fixated more on appearance than performance. That was until I found CrossFit 4 years ago. While surfing the internet I came across video of the Crossfit Games. Within seconds I was hooked and began testing my abilities.  It was not until 2 years after that, I began training at a CrossFit gym. The community and positive energy was unlike anything I had experienced. In the fall of 2015, I attended the Crossfit Level 1 Training Seminar and earned a CrossFit Level 1.

    I am very passionate about the CrossFit methodology and I am eager to share my passion and knowledge with others.

    Crossfit Level 1

    2 years of Crossfit Training
    10+ years of Bodybuilding Weight Training


  • Jessica Rider, Coach


  • Kyle Hedges, Coach


  • Brian Costa, Coach


  • David Roderick, Coach

    While training for Boxing, Powerlifting and Motocross I learned a lot about the body and how to increase athletic performance. I was always one to share my knowledge and through years of experience and formal education I became a certified trainer/coach in several disciplines.

    I believe being healthy and fit improves the quality of life. I am always willing to help others reach their goals, no matter how big or small. I use my experience to train and coach both amateur and professional athletes.


    • CrossFit Level 1
    • CrossFit Powerlifting
    • CrossFit Kettle Bell
    • KBC Ketletbell
    • Spinning ISSA Personal Trainer
    • Boxing Fitness
    • USAW Performance Coach
    • CrossFit Level 1 Coach, CF East Providence
    • CrossFit Level 1 Coach, CF Seekonk
    • Group Trainer / Spin Instructor, Seekonk Total Fitness
    • Spin Instructor, World Gym Seekonk
    • Owner/Manager, Moto-Nut Racing Pro-am Team
    • RI State Drug-Free Powerlifting Chairman and Referee
    • Manager/Trainer, KO Boxing
    • Owner/Operator Providence Villains-North East Grid League
    • 4x Motocross and Pit Bike Championship (manager)
    • RI and Ma State Drug-Free Powerlifting Records 3x bodyweight squat and deadlift
    • 18 times 1st Place Finishes Drug-Free Powerlifting
    • 3x Best Lifter Award (198, 220lb)
    • 21-3 as an Amateur Boxer