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Couple of the Quarter (3rd) Chris and Lori Prazeres

July 08, 2016

Lori and Chris

Couple of the Quarter

Lori and Chris  Prazeres

There are a lot of great things to say about CrossFit and one of them is the community it develops from working out together. At CFEP we have a great community and part of that reason is we sweat, suffer and work hard together. We become fast friends and share common goals. Lori and Chris are bonded by this and by there marriage. They are hard working, fun to be around and lead by example.

CFEP: How did you hear about CrossFit and what was your first experience/WOD?
Lori: I had driven by Crossfit Seekonk many times wondering what it was all about.  After listening to my best friend talk about it for a few months, I nervously attended my on-ramp classes in May of 2013 and was hooked.

Chris: I heard about Crossfit from my wife when she was looking into ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle.  We came across a Groupon at Crossfit Seekonk and gave it a try.  I really enjoyed it at first, but then I was in the midst of training to run the Boston Marathon.  So I put Crossfit on hold until after the race.  I’ve been doing it ever since and to say that I’m an avid fan of it would be an understatement.
CFEP: When did you first come to CrossFit EP?
Lori: I joined CrossFit EP in the fall of 2015

Chris: We joined Crossfit East Providence in October of 2015.  Fortunately, most of the people that we had become friendly with also made the move to CFEP which made the transition much easier for us.
CFEP: How many days do you CrossFit? What classes do you normally take?
Lori: My family and friends think I am crazy, but I LOVE working out everyday at 5am!! It works with my schedule and it’s a GREAT way to start the day.

Chris: I attend various classes.  Morning, evening, weekend.  Which ever class my schedule allows.  My motivation to keep my coming back to Crossfit EP is my constant desire to be around people who are trying to better themselves.  The coaches and fellow athletes are constantly striving to become better.  I love that type of environment.  Just walking through the door instead of staying home is a win.  I LOVE “WINNING” with the folks at Crossfit EP.

CFEP: What motivates you/keeps you coming back to CrossFit EP?

Lori: In the beginning, seeing the gains I was making, motivated me to keep going.  I was focused on learning all I could from the coaches and other athletes each class.  I loved being able to lift more, finish WOD more quickly and continually challenge myself.  What impressed me the MOST about CrossFit was the support and encouragement from the coaches and fellow athletes?  I have made some close friends through CrossFit.  It’s these relationships that make it easier to wake up so early in the middle of winter to workout! Many members of the Crossfit Seekonk family that I originally trained with have made the move to join the Crossfit East Providence family as Chris and I have.  I am completely blessed to be a part of this crossfit family.

Chris: My greatest accomplishment inside the gym is that I’m still getting stronger, at the ripe age of 40.  I’m doing things I never imagined I could in my 20’s, let alone now.

CFEP: What accomplishment are you the most proud of (outside and inside of the gym)?
Lori: My biggest accomplishment is putting my teaching career on hold for 8 years and being a stay at home mom to my two boys.

Chris: My greatest accomplishment outside the gym is being a dad to 2 wonderful boys and hoping to pass on the values that I learned growing up

CFEP: What are some of your interests outside of CrossFit?
Lori: I love spending long, lazy days at the beach.

Chris: My interests outside of Crossfit are traveling, going to the beach with my family, and the NFL!!  I can’t get enough of the New England Patriots and Football Sundays!!

CFEP: What do you do for a living?
Lori: I work at George R. Martin Elementary school in Seekonk as a Math Specialist and Differentiated Instructor in grades 3-5 and I LOVE it!

Chris:  I’m a Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee in Barrington, Warren and Bristol, Rhode Island and a real estate developer.  I’m also a licensed attorney in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

CFEP: What is one goal that you are currently working on?

Lori: After getting sick this year and recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, my current goal is to get my body and mind back to feeling the best it can.  Being forced to take some time away from Crossfit to rest my body was extremely difficult.  All of my coaches have been amazing making modifications and my fellow athletes have shown tremendous support both inside and outside of the box.  I am blessed to be a part of this Crossfit community here at CFEP.

Chris: A goal that I’m currently working on is to incorporate some more nutrition to complement Crossfit training.  Tough to do since my favorite meal after a hard workout is either pizza or a burger served with a nice cold concoction involving Tequila!!

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