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Newsletter: September 2015

September 16, 2015


Welcome to our monthly news letter, created to keep everyone informed and to build our community. I hope you will get some benefit from it and feel free to comment.


We’ve made some staff changes and we will continue to keep this transparent to you in our efforts to be the best we can be.  You already know Mike (Head Coach) and Kyle who are very good at what they do. You may have seen Jess, Kyle’s wife who is also a Coach. In addition, we have added:

Laurie Roderick: she is running the front desk and trying to keep that area organized and current.

David Roderick:  will manage and will oversee gym operations. A brief bio is below and we will spotlight staff and members in the near future. Please feel free to reach out to anyone of us as we have a broad range of skills and knowledge.

Kyle Hedges: CF-L1 and eager to get started and get involved with our community.

Michaela Frattetelli: CF-L1 is our floater and will be in from time to time as needed.

David Roderick:With over 25 years in the sports and fitness industry which included Boxing, Power Lifting and Motocross.  I used my practical experience to train and coach both amateur and professional athletes.  I am a CF L1, CF Powerlifting, CF Kettle bell, KBS Kettle bell, USAW Coach, Boxing Fitness and Spin Instructor.

Laurie: has also taken part in sport and fitness endeavors and her accomplishments speak for themselves. She has Massachusetts State Power Lifting records and has coordinated, judged and trained lifters. She is a very sought after Spin and Kettle bell Instructor. Her knowledge and organizational skills gives our team great balance and foundation. You will see more of Laurie as she recovers from spinal surgery.

Schedule / Rates:

Please, please, please, keep an eye on the schedule. We will post it on the entry/exit door, FB and website. It may move a little till we get it just right. We are not purposely making it inconvenient.

Rates: we have to renew our member contracts and this goes along with the letter you should have already received. We have the new contracts at the front desk.

Specialty Classes:

We will schedule specialty classes to give our members some additional fitness choices. We will have Yoga starting on Sunday, September 13, at 10:15am

Spinning, Kettlebell, Powerlifting, Boxing, Mobility will all be on the calendar soon.


We are thinking about adding equipment, this is based on membership wants and needs.


Mike B has been doing the programming for the classes and as you can tell, its working. To add some variance, Kyle McHale will be programming the classes for the  next few months. This is being done for several good reasons:

CrossFit specializes in variance, Programming for strength, endurance, etc allows for growth in those areas, and one’s perspective is important to experience.


This is the best place to learn what we are doing right or wrong and where we can improve. We want to constantly improve ourselves and our gym. There will be an anonymous suggestion box for everyone to provide input, good or bad, and to make suggestions. In about a  months time we will list the most common suggestions and work to get them improved, implemented, or somehow resolved. I’ll say it now, some things may not get resolved but we will let you know why.


The Providence Villains Development Team Lives here. They and the Semi-pro team will be training here in the near future. An introduction and more information coming

We will be hosting a charitable event in October/November



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