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Programming Notes and Schedule

September 24, 2015


By now you should be a few days into our new program!   The goal and expectations are to make it challenging yet doable. There are several  movements that are pretty common in other boxes and usually make or break your standings in a local competition. They are there for you to become proficient or make progress, and don’t forget, everything is scalable. You will be better at DU’s, HSPU, wall balls, bodyweight  and the barbell power movements.

Something to note: its not an individualized program, its for the whole membership. We have to reach everyone no matter what there workout schedule is. With that said, you don’t have to be there 6 days a week to get the benefit and you should take a day of rest when you need to. You must adjust your workouts based on your need for rest and recovery.

We program power cleans and power snatches about 4 to 1 because they build power and speed better than the full squat movements. You have to be able to do reps bodyweight squat cleans and squat snatches to get stronger and most of us cannot. We will rely on squats, deadlifts, and presses to get you stronger and balanced. Olympic weightlifters usually lift 5 days per week. There volume is 5 sets of 2 versus 3 sets of 8. The lifts are a lot more technical and taxing on the central nervous system than the muscular system.  Our time frame is:

September 20 through 8 weeks- skill proficient, power, speed, with a competitive spirit

November 15 through 9 weeks: strength bias

January 17 through 6 weeks: CF Open Preparation

Please use the WOD blog to comment and or ask questions. Invite your friends to take the journey with you.

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