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Programming Notes and Suggestion Box

October 21, 2015

Quick update on the programming and suggestion box:

Programming is going well. We know its not going to fit everyone’s needs and wants but I hope its still productive. Its so cool to see someone get their first T2B, pull up, and or kHSPU ! You should also see improvement in your box jumps and barbell cycling. We have 2 more weeks left to this program before we move into our strength cycle.  The program is done and is being reviewed by a Level 3 CF Coach. It will be different from what you’ve seen in the past at CFEP but you will definitely make strength gains. Please feel free to make any comments about the programming and anything else on your mind.

Suggestion Box: thank you for making any and all suggestions. This is what we got so far:

-Publish WOD’s a week at a time: the programming is done and its in the website waiting to be published every day at 7pm. The WOD’s are also posted on the bulletin board in the gym weeks in advance.

Publish Coaches Schedule:  Yes, we do and its located on the bulletin board near the Front Desk. Please note, it may change from time to time.

-Open Gym Rates: there are no plans to change the rates at this time. We are scheduled to review all class schedules the week of November  16.

-Strength: we hear you, its coming. Hard work, dedication !!





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