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Programming Notes: December 22, 2016

December 21, 2015

Hello Athlete’s,

Let me start out by saying we have a great community. Its been fun mixing new friends with old friends. Mike Brown has left us to attend school over the winter and we wish him well. We’ve added Trevor Swanson to our team. Trevor has actually been with us for a couple of months. He’s usually in the gym from 3-5pm working out with Kyle M. He’s a very good athlete and coach. You’ll see him in the am classes. Phil Carroll, also a member has been shadowing the coaches for the past few weeks gearing up to take on some am classes as well. I can easily say, we have a well rounded coaching staff and between us can help anyone reach there goals.

After taking a back-off week we will pump up the volume and head to the finish line. The next two weeks are for you to focus on the power lifts and get ready to break some PR’s the week of January 4th.  Some quick take a way’s :

Warm up as much as possible, break a sweat

Stretch those areas that you’ll  be using the most

Take your time, getting strong is not a race

Think about your progressions (how do I get to my work set without over taxing the body)

Now is not the time to miss any lifts; every rep should be doable


The week after 1 RM’s we will move into the CrossFit Open prep program. We will follow Comptrain (http://competitorstraining.com/) at 1 week behind. The reason for the week behind is to allow coaches time to understand the intent of the workout and to also allow time to discuss scaling and what equipment we can use to substitute equipment we don’t have.  There are several really good programs that we could follow but we agreed Comptrain is the  best all around for our needs.

In-house competition – January 30th. More information will follow.  

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