10 Almeida St
East Providence, RI 02914
(401) 426-3488

Youth Fitness Program

Our  Youth Fitness Program, designed to build a community of youths who are well conditioned, self-disciplined, and are living and eating healthy. Our program does not interfere with your child’s chosen sport or activity and allows you to try before you buy a long term commitment. Our Program is 2x per week for 8 weeks. At the end, you can stay in the Youth Program, move into our Boot camp or CrossFit program or exit our program. We will also give them the confidence and ability to pass the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. http://www.pyfp.org/about/index.shtml

  • We will make them better athletes that will increase there:
  • Cardiovascular fitness and aerobic capacity
  • Body composition
  • Muscle strength
  • Muscular endurance
  • Flexibility


Cost:  $150 per member  (class meets  2x per week for 8 weeks- 9$ per class) No equipment or additional expense.


Minimum: all coaches are certified in multiple fitness disciplines and have real live practical experience, i.e.: football, power lifting, boxing, crossfit, etc). This is a broad based program that touches multiple fitness domains.

Our plan is Tuesday and Thursday after school (4:30pm-5:30pm or 7pm-8pm-majority rules), 10 Almeida St, East Providence. It is important to have your son or daughter at the gym ready to start.

During the first week we will test the youths on some basic movements  to set a base line. All members must complete this test before they are able to participate in regular class.
Class is made up of three elements: warm up, mobility and conditioning.

We will begin each class with a series of warm up and stretching exercises. The members will be taught indoor cycling, barbell, bodyweight, boxing (no contact) and functional movements. After the class, we will stretch the major muscle areas to help protect against injury. We will teach them a variety of movements and be ready for almost any type of sport. They will become better athlete.

Some members will use wrist straps, wraps, belt, and lifting shoes to protect and or enhance there workouts. This is considered personal equipment and will have to be purchased themselves. It is not needed and we will provide the exercise equipment needed.

Regular shirts, shorts, pants, shoes  as needed. Headsets, etc not allowed as we are building a community. Our music  is non-explicit.