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Thursday, October 20th

October 19, 2016

Back Squat (In 18 min)
Triple at 80%
Single at 85%
Triple at 80%
Single at 87%
Triple at 80%
Single at 90%

Teams of 2:
7 Kettlebell Swings (70/53#)
Shuttle Sprint (X3 – length of gym = 1)
7 Calorie Row
Sprint Back

1 athlete works at a time- partner 1 completes 1 entire round then tags P2 who then completes 1 entire round. Continue alternating this way for 15 min. KB will be on 1 side of the gym, rower on the other. Partners begin standing next to each other next to KB. Once clock starts P1 completes 7 KBSwings, sprints down the gym, back, and down once more (3X total, ending at rower). They then row 7 cal and sprint back across 1 time to tag partner.

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