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June 28, 2016


Successful people put in the extra hours at the office even though they would rather go have a drink with the boys. It’s painful to spend hours and hours preparing for a presentation, but in the long term, if you want to be successful, you have endure short-term pain for long-term gains.

Unsuccessful people take the easy approach, seeking immediate pleasure, and avoid working hard today, not realizing the effect it has on their career in the long term. They ditch out of work whenever they can. They do the bare minimum, and nothing more. Everyone would rather hang with friends/family and do “fun” stuff right now, but this short-term focus (seeking immediate pleasure) will also prevent you from seeing long-term results.


Successful people know that it is hard and can be painful to be vulnerable, to put in the extra effort, to see things from your partner’s point of view, to do the little things that show you care, to forgive, love, and give without looking for anything in return. But, if you want to be successful with the relationships in your life, you have to do the hard things now to be happy later.

Unsuccessful people focus on themselves because it’s easier and makes them feel better now. They ignore how their actions/words/thoughts might effect others. They enjoy putting up walls and watch-out for themselves. They like the attention and feelings they get from being jealous, suspicious, gossiping and loosing perspective on what’s really important. But these short-term pleasure seekers are usually unsuccessful in long-term relationships. Copyright © 2016 Built by Bergeron, All rights reserved.


Starting on the 0:00…
Every Minute on the Minute x 6
3 Squat Snatches (65%)

Rest 4:00

Starting on the 10:00…
Every Minute on the Minute x 6
3 Squat Clean and Jerks (65%)

Rest 4:00

Starting at the 20:00
“Death by Strict Handstand Pushups”
*Starting at 5 reps first minute
*6 reps second minute

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